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Creatine Citrate

Whether you take part in shorter or longer exercises, creatine citrate helps maximize physical strength and reduce feelings of fatigue. For those who would like to increase muscle volume, boost strength, reduce recovery time, and delay fatigue, one of our high-quality creatine citrate supplements will help you achieve your goals.


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Arnold Series Iron Cre3 126g

Arnold Series Iron Cre3 126g

Retail Price:
CA$ 34.99
CA$ 28.75
The Arnold Series Iron CRE3 has a great many benefits for weightlifters looking to bulk up and add that extra mass they’ve been desiring. Utilizing a super creatine nitrate formula Iron CRE3 will increase speed, power and recocery.  It supports muscle building and growth and with the CRE3’s rapid absorbtion...
MusclePharm Creatine 300g

MusclePharm Creatine 300g

Retail Price:
CA$ 18.99
CA$ 14.75
A blend of 5 superior creatine blends, this supplement enhances uptake while encouraging strength, lean muscle growth, and stamina. Perfect for those who engage in short duration, high-intensity workouts, Creatine results in larger pumps, muscle strength, and ATP synthesis. By reducing the buildup of lactic acid, this supplement reduces muscle...


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