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Our Story

If you can't find a solution to a problem, sometimes you need to create one. At SupHub, that is exactly what we did. Founded by three guys, who are all into technology, as well as fitness, we wanted to simplify supplements shopping experience. Founders are passionate about fitness and health supplements.

Supplements can be a great addition to your workout and daily routine, helping you reach your goals — but for us, there was just one problem. We struggled to find the right supplements and when we did, it was a challenge to get them delivered to Canada. We wanted to address this issue, creating something that benefited fellow Canadians.

Time and time again, we faced a limited selection; extremely costly shipping — being significantly more than shipping costs to the United States; challenges in terms of browsing and finding the right products based on our needs — including peanut-free and lactose-free protein supplement options. We decided to offer supplements with free shipping and no tax, as well as offer free samples to our customers.

We wanted to create SupHub not just for us, but for all the Canadians who are aiming to improve their current lifestyle and health. We aim to give back to the communities in which we call home, providing reliable service and high-quality supplements to our fellow Canadians at significantly below retail prices. The key goal for SupHub is to be the go-to health supplement marketplace for Canadians.

Within our fast-paced lives, it's important that you give your body and mind the nutrients it requires. Supplements are overly convenient, allowing you to meet your dietary needs with ease. For those who are training, you may require more protein than someone who is less active. Through supplementation, you can ensure that all your needs are met.

Whatever your specific goal may be, whether it's weight management or enhanced nutrition, we offer a wide selection that is easy to navigate, review and purchase at up to 70% below retail prices. From vegan supplements to joint support, we are your one-stop-shop for all things related to supplementation and positive health.


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