If you have been working out for a long time and feel like you aren’t getting as much out of your exercise routine as you’d like, chances are you are probably doing something wrong. But let’s say  if you are doing everything right, , you may not be using some key products that are guaranteed to make your workouts  super effective.

Given the fact that there is such a huge variety of gym equipment, workout supplements and exercise-specific foods that are now available for all athletes and body builders out there, it can be quite challenging to choose  ones that best fit your needs.  So here are the top 4 products that have been gaining well-deserved popularity since quite a while now and will make your workouts more effective than ever.


One of the most basic pieces of equipment used in gyms all over the world, dumbbells are versatile products that can enhance your workout results almost immediately.

Because there is such a great variety of workout equipment and gears available, it is sometimes hard to deduce which one is the best or most efficient. However, dumbbells usually stand out due to several reasons.

When using dumbbells, your range of motion is not fixed which means that you can use them to build strength as per your requirement through a partial or a full range of motion. It adds great versatility to your workouts and you can train your muscles with their help in common workout movements or develop movement-specific strength. Lifting dumbbells during workout sessions also helps improve balance and stability as you practice a variety of range of motions.

Dumbbells also foster increased muscle growth with the help of two processes known as mechanic overload and metabolic overload. In the former case, this kind of overload arises due to the damage caused by muscle contractions which activates the muscle repair process that helps increase their size.

While in metabolic overload, your muscles tire out due to constant work out and as a result, they are able to use up the glycogen stores for energy. This energy helps them grow and increase in size immensely.


Like dumbbells, kettlebells also provide you with a wider range of motion; however, they are still very different from dumbbells and come with a great many advantages when used during workout sessions. Using kettlebells is an excellent way to incorporate a mix of both strength training and cardio at high intensity levels. They work very effectively in providing you with a full body work out and  will efficiently work their way up from your glutes to your muscles.

Kettlebells help you create and control momentum where you can swing the bell in different directions due to which all your powerhouse muscles, like those in your legs get worked up which leads to a strong blood flow to these muscle groups.  

With cardio at its best, it is an excellent way to burn fat with the help of a few high intensity sets of kettlebell swings and jerks. Kettlebell exercises and training work a large number of muscle groups at the same time and develop increased strength in your shoulders, lower back and hip flexors.

Omega-3s/ Fish oil tablets

Fish is one of the biggest sources of omega-3s, also called fatty acids, which our body needs to function optimally, gain muscle, and prevent injuries.

Studies show that there is a direct relation between muscle gain and omega-3 fatty acids and if our body gets a sufficient amount of this supplement, it can lead to increased muscle gain. It also helps in the breakdown of fat and makes those calories transform into muscles which were initially stored as fats.

Omega-3 fatty acids are also more commonly known as ‘essential’ fatty acids because our bodies cannot produce them and it is particularly recommended for athletes and bodybuilders. Fish oil tablets provide fatty acids to the body and are packed with numerous health benefits.

They also lead to performance-enhancing effects like increasing physical performance, improving strength, optimizing muscle growth, reducing muscle soreness, strengthening bones and much more. Fish oil also increases protein synthesis in the body which is a building block for our muscles to grow bigger and stronger.

Whey protein

This is also an extremely common product used before and after workouts due to the numerous benefits that it has to offer. Whey protein takes your workout to a whole new level and helps you gain greater results. It also helps you lose fat  as concluded from a study in which participants who consumed whey lost a greater amount of body fat while preserving their muscles compared to the other group.

Researchers have also found that during resistance training, consuming a combination of whey and casein protein leads to a greater increase in fat-free mass and muscle strength.

Whey protein is also rich in protein content which is the biggest building block of our bodies. This extra source of protein helps the body recover from the increased demands put on it by extreme endurance training.

Whey protein also acts like a fast-acting source of protein at a time when our muscles begin to break down due to the increased pressure and strain put on them by exercise and training. It activates a process of recovery, helping muscles return to their original, healthy state.

While there are definitely numerous other products that can make your workouts more  effective, the four mentioned above are simple and can take the quality of your exercise regimen to a whole new level.