Being a hardcore trainer and bodybuilder, one would want to do everything possible to sculpt the perfect body and work on their target areas. For many people, their target area is their muscles and their goal is to toughen them up and grow them significantly.

Often, in order for your muscles to grow and adapt to bodily changes, they require a ‘shock’ and if you are a regular trainer, you must be aware of this strange term.

Shocking your muscles means subjecting them to different kinds of stimuli to help them grow and adapt. Although according to commonly held beliefs, exercise and workout is the only way to shock your muscles, this is not truly the case. There are many other ways of shocking your muscles, however, Allmax is one of the most effective ones. With its huge variety of pre-workout and post-workout supplements, it provides major surprising benefits to shock your muscles in order to help them get bigger and stronger.

Leucine- the ultimate shock provider

There are numerous essential amino acids and proteins that your muscles need to grow and gain mass, however, Leucine tops the list as they are the most natural muscle building supplements. While training and workout do eventually pave way for bigger and stronger muscles, it’s also essential to include a source of protein in your regime to make it a fruitful strategy and consumption of Leucine does just that.

Leucine is one of the 9 essential amino acids which cannot be produced by the body. It is typically referred to as the ‘switch’ that fuels protein synthesis in the muscles and provides them with the energy they need after a tough workout. 

According to a study that was carried out to measure the effects of Leucine, participants who were given a combination of whey protein and Leucine experienced greater rates of muscle protein synthesis than those who were given milk protein.

Leucine is also the most powerful single ingredient that helps build dense, lean and hard muscles fast and is often referred to as the ultimate muscle builder.

Creatine - your gateway to muscle size, power and strength

Being one of the most popular sports’ supplements for mass gain, creatine is used by a majority of the athletes and bodybuilders, simply because it works amazingly well. It is primarily synthesized in the liver, from where it travels into the bloodstream and is taken up by the muscle tissues. The muscles use up creatine to convert it into creatine phosphate, which is greatly required by the muscles to contract for increased strength, power and muscle growth.

Numerous studies conducted to observe the effects of creatine have shown that when it was consumed with one’s regular workout routine, it resulted in significant increase in muscle strength and size as compared to the placebo groups.

The main job of creatine is to primarily provide energy to muscle cells which in turn leads to a gain in lean muscle mass.

BCAAs- builds quality muscle fast

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) have typically been around longer than other muscle-shockers like creatine, and are greatly able to influence muscle growth and performance. They go beyond being the building blocks for the muscles and can greatly enhance the overall muscle growth and strength.

The fine line between the function of BCAAs when compared to other amino acids is that they are metabolized only within the muscle tissue, which means that your muscles are able to use up all the energy directly without having to absorb it from the bloodstream. This allows the amino acids to be oxidized by the muscle cells quickly and produce cellular energy for muscle contraction, which subsequently helps you lift weights and make your muscles stronger and bigger.

BCAAs are very critical for muscle growth and for building quality muscle fast. They are also known to increase the rate at which your muscles grow in comparison or in response to the amount of training you do. Also according to research, 35% of your muscle tissue is made up of BCAAs.

HVOL- extreme muscular expansion

In order to attain your goal size, you need to build the required muscle cell volume and HVOL helps you do exactly that. It works towards intense vaso-muscular expansion by stimulating the muscles to increase in size. Additionally, it helps the muscles to grow as well when the pressure in the muscles, caused by extreme resistance training, signals them to increase in size and strength.

The HVOL formula particularly targets the biomechanical pressure and metabolic stress that is caused by intense training sessions and helps the muscle to recover and grow simultaneously.

HVOL contains Agmapure which is the ultimate ingredient to provide muscle shock or pump and helps change the landscape of muscle growth. It also consists of another powerful ingredient called HydroMax, which builds and increases muscle fullness and delivers insane pumps to the muscles. A third component of HVOL is Nitrosigine which is the precursor of the synthesis of nitric oxide and leads to a significant increase in the muscle mass.

While all these supplements and energy-fuelling ingredients work tremendously well on their own, when combined with hardcore resistance training, the benefits escalate to greater lengths. Along with the ability to shock your muscles to make them grow, they are packed with numerous other benefits that target different areas of your body to keep them active and running.